Manitoba beavers fly to Argentina

In September 1945, Tom Lamb was contacted by Dave Allan of the Indian Department Office of Trusts and Annuities, Ottawa. He was asked if he could deliver 50 live beaver to Argentina at the request of the Peron government. The Argentinian government had contacted the Hudson Bay Company and the Ministry of Natural Resources (provincially and federally) to obtain the animals. All three had said it was impossible to transport them by boat (45 days) from Montreal to Argentina.

Tom requested $650 per animal FOB Ushuia, a town at the southernmost tip of Argentina. The details of the trip are in a letter he wrote to Harold Wells.

The program was entirely too successful. Nearly 50 years later, the Argentinian government found themselves overrun by beaver at the southernmost tip of their country. During a cruise to Tierra del Fuego taken by Tom Lamb's youngest sister Carol Hoffos and her husband in the early 1990's, they attended a lecture on-board about the flora and fauna of the area. During the talk, it was mentioned that the beaver had been restocked in the 1940s from Canada and they had now overrun the area. Carol was able to confirm the restocking of the area by announcing that her brother was responsible for it and that he would have been quite proud of how the area had rebounded.

Terre Del Fuego 1946

Beaver being released in Tierra del Fuego 1946