Space Monkeys

A 380-Foot U.S. research balloon carrying four capsules containing two monkeys, two hamsters, flour beetles, and seeds and nerve cells passed over The Pas at 6 a.m. Friday, August 3, 1962. Don Lamb of Lamb Airways flew off to track the vehicle. Dennis Lamb, also of Lamb Airways started tracking the balloon as it passed over Squaw Rapids, Sask. It was expected to go down in the vicinity of Candle Lake, Sask., after the capsules were released by radio from the tracking station. Don Lamb picked up the instruments and other equipment and returned with them to the Grace Lake airbase in The Pas. They were later flown to Edmonton.

The event was reported by the Manitowac Herald Times, the Cedar Rapids Gazette and the Winnipeg Free Press. Additional reporting was in the Winnipeg Tribune and The Pas Herald

The experiment was reported in the "Final Report on NASA Research Grant NsG-203-62, concerning Research Performed in Space Biology Laboratory, Brain Research Institute, University of California, Los Angeles"